Diana Bernashevska asks: What is being an artist for you?

Being an artist is being a craftsman and an anthropologist, that’s what I think when I say
An explorer, also a child. And a mother, and a father.
I think you are an entire universe, I really do, I think you’re the planet and stars and it’s like only about where you wanna go you know, you have this navigation, you can come anywhere and be anyone, I
think it’s this kind of real fun, but also responsible because you are the mother and the father.
Do you know Tarot cards? I often think about those kind of cards, you know when you have
these different cards that fits different parts of your life and also parts of your personality, I
think that what art is. Its all of these different cards and different stages and sometimes you
gotta put all those things together and shuffle them up and see what comes out.